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Related article: Replace by NytGamez © " Oh, yes. That's good. There the baby. " Jennifer Mitchell groaned as her lover and another crew member Greg Ellis went slowly with her ​​tongue over her nipple, which triggered a light, the instinct that made him hard and dense. One of his hands long, strong sliding the fixation of their uniforms, ankles confident enough to touch bare skin as he moved slowly toward the groin. She squirmed under his touch, anxious, eager to be at stake. The red " grass" in hydroponic culture made ​​a wonderful bed and would use this interlude to be part of your daily routine as soon as they discovered that he had almost three weeks. Greg Pass, they entered the restricted zone, which was technically in humans. The air had a strange smell, and the plants around were huge and strange, but everything was pretty much the only place to find two people a place to pick up only. " Oh, God. " Now is the uniform crumpled on the grass, and his the mouth was sliding into his groin. She Lolita Sex had lovers before, both had, but Greg was simply the best Lolita Sex there was in all his 19 years. Your feelings led tongue and nipples --- " ohhhhhh. " He was down on her clit, first shaking back and forth over it as she had done her nipples and then pulled him firmly in his mouth, his keeps lips while his tongue his tortured with pleasure. It was near its first peak. " You know honey. " He had just enough time to undo his belt, he retired, and now began to dissolve, while returning to her pussy. "Mmmmm. " Her moans had tingling and Jennifer screamed, started as the first orgasm. and stopped abruptly. "Sgt. Ellis, contact us immediately for engineering. Sgt Ellis, Report to the technology as quickly as possible. " When was the first word of intercommunication it broke off Greg and now first proposed in the grass in frustration before rolling onto his back. "Damn That must mean that c ionicOndense failed again. I said yes, but it would be for the parties? " He spat reflects. " Damn. "He had managed to break free before it was interrupted, and his penis protruding from his body, throbbing and swaying slightly as if in a moment. " do not have time ? "Knowing what the answer would be. " Not a chance. If the fuse is all dried food we eat and shower sound until we reached port. "He stroked his cock in frustration. " But it's not that I can go also seems not. " pouted. " I do not like. " " Yes, but at least it is not visible. Let me worry about her baby, and I will do to you tonight. Promise. " " As you yourself said this is the only time it is - "She wanted it * now *, dammit " Hawkins owes me a favor.. " He knelt and pushed to roll. Scowl, he has, what he asked. " He bunks with Sanchez and Hollis, in the next layer. The error was that the bunks. "Now she was kneelingon all fours, as he pushed his cock back and forth between his legs. It was wet and more than ready for him, but it was not fair. His refusal was on his lips as he slid into a moan of pleasure and immediately began pumping. He held her hips for balance as he hit with more force and speed, and usually this early in the game. His own emotion had not surprised, and she moaned in pain as she rocked much smaller body with thrust after thrust. Inside and outside, getting faster, his cock with her ​​pussy to get an early release for him. " uhhhhhhhh. " His hands firmly on her hips painfully Greg climax, spilling his hot cum in her as he continued to pump away, lost in joy. Just last push was complete when he moved back hastily and buttoned his uniform, sweat glistened on his forehead. N " Thanks, honey. " He leaned over and kissed his forehead, he turned and ran toward the door. Without a word, made the controversialls and a moment later was gone. Jennifer rolled onto his back and hit the grass with a fist, almost exactly like Greg and I had exactly the same reason. Only no one was there to meet your needs, and knew very well their plans for later that " the night" could easily fall through. " Shit. " His legs were long and soft, smooth and now, with traces of his semen. She let it drip, the grass, which certainly had enough juice in the last three weeks. The transparent panel had launched their loud screams back to them, it seems he did a lot of people in an outdoor amphitheater. More than once he had ceased Lolita Sex to imagine that exotic plants were about his feeling that she saw when she and Greg have wonderfully nasty things to each other. One looked like nothing so much as a giant aubergine, soft skin and round, with a touch of color ( leaves? ) Something in the top. Another was something like a Venus fly trap EaCRT and another that resembled a large pot with five legs in a squatting position. However, none of them looked like a man with a rock hard erection. Little by little began to stroke himself, from his nipples still tender and gradually work their way up into her pussy. His fingers slid easily moves with the ease of much practice. Before she had found Greg, had been often days or weeks without a man's penis in her and while she had become very, very good in himself the pleasure was not the same. Jennifer moaned as her little fingers wet pussy pumped. Her clit throbbed for attention, but without the fullness of a rooster, just not the same. That's because... One of the most normal-looking plants, a large collection of what looked like zucchini. Each was about two meters long and sharp, from about an inch in width and thickness of nearly three inches at the top. They were purple and had ridges by the width of the irregular patterns. Without doubt, one of the wOuld suit their purpose and who ever knows ? It had to be two dozen things. Jennifer turned around and crawled through the small amount of down on his knees, grabbed one of the " grass. " - Zukes and pulled it. They are not free. She pulled harder. Still no luck. However, the plant itself was perfect. The skin of the thing went well, with the exception of the ridges, and the temptation was too strong. Biting his lips in anticipation, Jennifer slowly rubbed the tip of the plant from the lips of her wet pussy. It was smooth and firm but not hard, so that only a little since pushed further. had to do. She opened her legs, still kneeling, pushing up space zuke Jennifer. They parted with a wonderful slow, sliding her outer labia and always involved in her wet pussy and hungry. The ribs give it an extra touch of sentiment which penetrated every inch of her and she moaned softly. When I finally could not force her to Jennifer slowly pulled it outAnd enjoyed the sweet feeling every inch of foreign investment out of your body. If you are completely free of it, holding it in his face. The intensive conditioning shone with her juices, the color, which had invaded his body. He rubbed his head against her lips cum, tasting her own juices, and traces of Greg. She closed her eyes, she slid between his lips, was the brainchild of Greg Hahn. The plant is slid over her tongue and stroked the back of her throat. She retired reluctantly. Unlike Greg Hahn, this plant does not feed her mouth with cum sweeter. After a moment's hesitation, she slid her wet on her naked body, away from your face. slid into ever better the second time, if that was possible. It was cold, and should have deterred her own heat rising, but the strange plant sliding deep into her pussy excited him dark. His lips pulling back, as each inch slid into her and grabbed her tight pussy walls around feel better than slid to rest against the cervix. On one hand, pushed in and out of her pussy forward with painful slowness, while the other, which finally began to caress the clitoris topical. The zuke filled completely, and was forced to spit on her clitoris while pumping faster and faster. The plant was a wonderful feeling blue, peaks appear at press time, heated pants. Finally, I could not bear. Reduce the grass, Jennifer writhed in ecstasy as her climax, she found. Somehow, his pace never wavered, the strange plant penetrates and again, his body swaying in mindless pleasure. It went on and on, until finally broke out in the lawn outside, the system is still buried in her vagina. * Now that was really something. If Greg does not appear tonight, I know where I come from. * And it is the right word, that's for sure was. His whole body seemed exhausted by the force of her orgasm. He stretched, then frowned. had tHe moved the plant? Both hands were free of it, is loose in the grass. And yet... yes, there it was. The plant was vibrant, slipping in and out of the vagina in small strokes, light. * God. What have I done to her? I hope not always willing to seed or something. * She knew very little about plants, unless you are good to eat and do at least that might result from his brain. continued blows, and at first was not affected. The movements were almost too small to notice, and move the plants Lolita Sex every day, right? Flowering plants are opened and closed moved to follow the sunlight. And this went to shit in motion. sat up and blinked. In fact, the space now zuke in and out of her vagina with a certain speed to stir, then two inches to one. Then, looking, took it all the way back, apparently still held by the bone, stick to the mother plant. * Think of it more than wiiiittttttth ! * She resisted with surprise when the space zuke hit back at her, penetrating her completely and crashed head on the cervix before the withdrawal, to penetrate again. It was moving in power only a little less than it might cause pain. She slid back in the ass and the press followed, without break his shit all the time. A moment later, his back against the giant eggplant and no way to go. N " Well, that's enough. " It's a way of feeling good, but the idea was a bit too weird. Zuke Jennifer grabbed her with both hands and pulled. It was slippery with her juices, and struggled, but with green vines wrapped around the same plant itself around his ankles. More surrounded by the wrists and hands away. You have a sudden jerk and found strong backs, legs spread, zucchini space fucking delighted. " Um, anyone? " But, of course, no one was working this shift, the graveyard is any name, ship time. Vineyards greeners been now caressing the bare skin of her breasts slip, tickling his buttocks. She gasped when it slipped over her hips and up the pussy, close branches and incredibly soft. That wraps around your clitoris with unerring accuracy - with a precision much more than most of her lovers, as a fact. The small vine began to writhe, twisting and pulling on her love button without thinking stroked, while the zuke to plunder her pussy even more. Now the pleasure is mixed with restless anxiety. " Ohhhhhh. " We had the pleasure of handling. The zuke give up their space was so sharp that only he could. The pleasure in the clitoris to build, and up and up. It was just the strangeness of the situation, which kept all the pleasures of devotion. Was this rape by a stranger in any way, or simply a continuation of the joy he had taken for himself before? Suddenly, the entire floor was shaking, rustling of leaves, vines shaking violently in the air. A crisis of mate, and suddenly hhe was a pussy full of cold and sticky liquid. The vine, the plant was connected zuke beats, vibrating with what can only be a kind of alien sperm. More and more flowing inside her, filling her vagina completely and sprinkle the grass beneath it. Gradually the leaves and vines are back to normal, only zuke even in his silence now. Past. The room had zuke. And they did. Now, she repented of her nerves let go, the best of it. Indeed, zuke was withdrawing from her feeling so weak and empty, as he always did when sex was over. Green liquid coating thick thighs almost to her knees, and only for a moment thought he would mourn. Her emotions swung wildly, but as the leaves started yet firmly to her clitoris to beat again. His pace was all that knowledge could want, and this time did not resist, as the pleasure began to build. The whisper of the leaves, while the plant plzuke Easur telegraphed his arrival from another room, this time bigger than the first. The peak was three inches in diameter, and were worried, trying to foil. He slid back and forth along her lips, so wet sucking sounds as if pushed, pulled, pushed, pulled. He approached her first orgasm when finally broke through in his penetrating deeply. So great was the pain mixed with pleasure as the needle she had felt when she lost her virginity at age twelve. Then slides in and out was, the pain gradually fade as they filled up beyond imagination. zucchini purple room slid in and out of it, the vine, hung throbbing and waving in the air. Occasionally small shiver ran along the surface, like mini -orgasms. The slow pace of the impressive speed varies, the latter being her gasp when her body shook in orgasm long and drawn out. When he finallyslowed again lying inert and let the shit plant, unable to resist. Again and again he was the only sound, Lolita Sex sucking moisture penetration. But it was not long before his joy began to build again. More than a lover had complained that she was insatiable, and it seemed that in this strange plant, which eventually could have the perfect lover. Orgasms hard, sharp, followed by long, low, that left her breathless, and full team for the second time with his sperm abroad. Zuke The third place was full only of their (the thick as the last thing you moaning slightly as it penetrated her pussy sore now), when something tickled her cheek. He turned slightly and pressed his lips against another zuke. His eyes widened in surprise. Certainly, we want to plant... This ha. He was forced between her lips and slid into his mouth, forcing her jaws wide open. Enthusiasm slid over her tongue and tried to slide down his throat. Nausea, grabbed the thing and Managed to force back. If you keep at bay, slowly licked the cold surface and smooth. I knew vaguely like vanilla. She swirled her tongue over the head of the space zuke, then slid her tongue down the slide and feel the songs on her tongue wide and wet. Zuke resistance stopped immediately. Much better. As part of the lost benefit of her clitoris and vagina was, Jennifer has also benefited other pleasure to the sink. Her human lover ( because that was how she thought of them ) has always had the ability and desire to love oral pleasure. The truth is that she loved to give head, loved to see their faces when given the intense pleasure that she could know. Now there is no face to see, but the body language of the system was certainly easy to read. Shudder to go through another orgasm, slowly began to suck Jennifer plants abroad. You did it with pleasure slow and methodical. As had been suspected, tthe ridges are particularly sensitive, and she pressed her lips until it slipped through seems very narrow. Then he pushed his tongue and let the soles of their feet wet heat as it flows around her like an ice cream. His hands slid up and down the rest of the strange tree, caressing its smooth surface. He paused, as the third zuke pace began to increase at a rate of only brutal, it felt like to compensate for their own pleasure and take over. He drank like a madman on the ground, as it was her first lover, the tail, where tension, forcing him deeper and deeper the neck forward. She threw back her head and left the back of her throat with the entire length of the neck of joy, as he then grabbed her violently. She screamed to her surprise, she lost more joy than I ever imagined. Leaves rustle around and then started to rain. From the air, all began to spit zukes Instead, make quick cold shower, thick sperm downon their bare skin. Again and again spat their burdens, and thick green liquid splashed in the face, breasts, abdomen. She screamed as her pussy exploded Lolita Sex in the zuke, a wave of forced deep into the semen inside her. The cry became a gasp as the exotic plants in the mouth, finally culminating, sending cum buckets felt lump in the throat and lungs and stomach. She gagged and squirmed, trying desperately to breathe, but the attack was over and over again, the pump of exotic plants in the mouth and pussy, pumping, pumping. As the world began, the gray- zuke go back in the throat and she rolled onto her side, nausea and retching. Sperm surprisingly little plant came forward, have swallowed ( or inhaled ) are more than they thought. His stomach felt stretched to full strength. After a minute he was on his knees and felt more sperm escape her thighs. It seemed he had taken a bath in the field. After some instinctivelyt did not understand, Jennifer knelt at her and began rubbing the sticky liquid on the skin. It is rapidly absorbed, with its bright pink skin and healthy. The grass absorbs the rest, and went in a few minutes, the evidence of their incredible sexual encounter. Except for one thing. In a curious half-smile, Jennifer rubbed her belly. Normally flat as a pancake, which was completed a little. Under his hand, felt the slight movement of new life. Extraterrestrial life. Jennifer Flashing pleasure dream was in the grass and closed his eyes red. A mother needs his sleep, after all. END ======================================= === ======== =========
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